Monday, December 11, 2006


Bent Myggen - Hooper

Hooper, easily Burt Reynolds best "Good Ol' Boy" movie!

Unfortunately it has a terrible DVD release with 3 strikes against it.

Strike 1 = Fullscreen (Cropped, Pan & Scanned)

Strike 2 = That crappy half plastic half cardboard type case that Warner Home Video uses.

Strike 3 = No extras at all!

This soundtrack on CD would be nice to!

Track 19


Anonymous said...

you need the soundtrack for HOOPER ?..i think i still have the megaupload link for it...

KaBluie said...


Anonymous said...

question? before i give you the link to Hooper Soundtrack (which took me months to find) i get credit for it or do you get the credit? i gave a link to another blog site and they took it and gave there self the credit for finding it ..which i didnt think was fair ..signed fanny

KaBluie said...

You get the credit!