Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank God For A Friend Like You

Theme from Hope & Gloria
Track 16
Dennis Dupree's Rewrite of the National Anthem from The Dennis Dupree Show
Track 17
I hope this show comes out on DVD!

. . . and now a word from our sponsers!

Track 15

Track 14

The Outdoorsters

This is from the 1985 movie When Nature Calls!

NOT the Ace Ventura movie!

This movie is a lot funnier!

It's sung by Robin Batteau.

Track 13

Monday, November 13, 2006

I Never Harmed An Onion

This is from the forth episode of The Muppet Show (October 1976)
Rowlf later rerecorded it for his album "Old Brown Ears Is Back"
but this is the version from the show!
I found this picture and info on Muppet Wiki!
The best source for Muppet info!

Track 12

The Shakiest Gun In The West

According to this site this song was released as a b-side to Decca 32292 "She'll Walk All Over You" in March 1968!

Track 11

Mr. Mike's Least-Loved Bedtime Story

SNL Transcripts
Mr. Mike's Least-Loved Bedtime Story
Track 10

Love Me I'm Bedazzled

The move versions of these two songs are better than the soundtrack versions. I hope they put this movie on Widescreen DVD soon!

Track 9

Number One With A Bullet

This song is from Fresno and it's sung by Teresa Ganzel.
There's not a lot on the net about her or that show.

Track 8

Tonight You Belong To Me

Bernadette Peters & Steve Martin from The Jerk.

Track 7

The World's Most Dangerous Band

Dress Cool Video

Dress Cool
You Kill Me

DynaPink You're My Friend

Dynaman was a real show in Japan but I've only ever seen the six episodes that were dubbed as comedies on Night Flight.
This song comes from a Dynaman Convention spoof.
It is by Syd Dickliss.

DynaPink Pics

Track 5

I Saw God

Rosanna Arquette sang this song on
"The Lost Episode Of Saturday Night Live"!

This site has a video!

Track 4

How Silly Can You Get?

How Silly Can You Get? & Spend This Night With Me

I hope somebody puts Nick Rivers' songs on CD soon!
The movie versions of these two songs sound so much better than the soundtrack versions.

Track 3

Monday, November 06, 2006

Babysittin' Blues

Elisabeth Shue as Chris Parker

Albert Collins as Himself (not pictured)

Keith Coogan as Brad Anderson

Maia Brewton as Sara Anderson

Anthony Rapp as Daryl Coopersmith

Track 02

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Sheba Cat Food Song

I couldn't find anything about this song on the internet, but here's a link to the Sheba Web Site:

UpDate New Link!!!
There You Are