Friday, June 27, 2008

I Like Autumn

I Like Autumn by Kids From Barney

From the years of watching Barney with my nieces,
this is the only Barney song I really liked!
Guess what?
It's not on any of the CDs!

There are four different performances of this song:

1. Falling For Autumn! (September 27, 1993) Season 2 Episode 1
2. On The Move (November 29, 1995) Season 3 Episode 8
3. Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons (August 6, 1996)
4. Barney's Halloween Party (1998) DVD

The above are links to the first part of each episode on YouTube.

The second one is the best one and it's the one included on the DVD Barney Songs!

I recently got this DVD off eBay just so I could rip this song.


Something Weird

Roseland (1970) bonus clip from the Godmonster Of Indian Flats DVD
You Cannot Fart Around With Love (4:22)
by E Kerrigan Prescott & Linda Tillery & Loading Zone

Doctor Gore (1973)
A Heart Dies Every Minute (1:55)
by Bill Hicks (no a different one)

Goldilocks And Sinderella

Goldilocks And The Three Bares (1963)
Close To Her - Rex Marlow (2:07)
Half A Dream - Rex Marlow (2:22)
I Think That I'll Survive - Rex Marlow (2:04)
The Naked Truth - Tommy Sweetwood (0:53)
That Night When We Were Young - Rex Marlow (3:18)

Sinderella And The Golden Bra (1964)
Intro & Title Music (2:46)
My Therapy - David Duffield (2:18)
Pity, It Couldn't Be You - Joan Lemo & June Faith (2:18)
My Day Is On It's Way - Suzanne Sybele (2:54)
She Only Exists In My Mind - Bill Gaskin (0:52)
If You Give Up Your Dream - Sydney Lassick (1:59)

As it says on the back of the DVD:
WARNING:This program contains mild nudity and godawful singing.

Don 'No Soul' Simmons

Here's the mp3s ripped from the DVD!

Amazon Women On The Moon (1987)
1 Blacks Without Soul - B B King (1:48)
2 Don 'No Soul' Simmons - David Alan Grier (2:07)
3 Blame It On The Bossa Nova - David Alan Grier (1:15)

Swamp Country

Here's all the songs from the other movie on the Swamp Girl DVD!
Some have dialogue - (3 & 8)

Swamp Country (1966)
1 Swamp Country - Baker Knight (2:23)
2 I'm A Misfit - Baker Knight (1:41)
3 The Man With The Plan - Baker Knight (2:17)
4 Swamp Country (Reprise) - Baker Knight (1:27)
5 Gal With Eyes Of Blue - Baker Knight (0:14)
6 Wasted Love - Baker Knight (1:57)
7 The High Cost Of Low Livin' - Baker Knight (0:41)
8 You Turn And Walk Away - Baker Knight (2:13)

Here's Baker Knight's Website!
Where I couldn't find any mention of this film!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


There You Are

Also updated in the original Post!