Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here's the story . . .

Alright, you now have The Complete Volume One!

Here's the story about these songs & skits:

A friend of mine from work got a CD burner, the first one anyone we knew had.

He was burning CDs for everybody, but I really didn't want a CDR of stuff I could just buy in a store.

But I did have alot of videos I'd recorded with songs you can't buy anywhere.

So he loaned me a cassette recorder I could hook up directly to my TV, and I taped these songs & skits from videos to audio cassettes.

Then he put them on his computer & burned 2 CDRs for me.

All these tracks in order 1 - 26 (minus "You Kill Me" from Volume Two) are the first volume.

In the future I'll put up the best tracks from Volume Two.